Starting out as a new agent, a major source of stress in the job was managing all the hard-copy paperwork that comes with writing transactions. Finding fax machines, deciphering blurry contracts, and hard copy signatures were exhausting. Since using repree I have all the necessary and up-to-date documents at my fingertips, I don’t worry about readability or where I’m going to fax a contract from. Having repree as one of my business tools has simplified my job enormously, and enabled me to focus 100% on my clients needs while still operating efficiently and effectively.

Paula Kahr

Using repree made the selling of my home and the purchasing of a new home easy, quick and efficient. Instructions were clear and easy to understand.  Eliminates the time and inconvenience of leafing through stacks of paper. I received the documents within minutes of the offer from my Realtor.  Very user friendly.


Repree quite simply changes they way you do business. It gives you your time back and allows you to expedite the transfer of paperwork across countries in mere seconds. As a local Calgary Realtor it has positioned me to submit competing offers on properties which I would have otherwise never been able to obtain for my clients. When you have two buyers on either side of the country and have half an hour to submit an offer, there is no better option that what the repree platform offers. There is no longer the need to scan and email, or fax or run around for signatures. Your clients can literally sign documents with a few clicks on their ipads or smartphones and get on with their day. Time is money these days and Repree can save you both, not only as an agent but also for your clients. It’s truly a win, win system, clients love it, and the convenience of having all of my transaction records accessible on a cloud from anywhere at any time is an immense asset to my business. I am so grateful I took time to get myself up to speed on the system. The single morning or afternoon it may take you to learn the system will be given back to you over and over and over again as time saved in your everyday business. I could never go back. Love it! Thank you!!!

Ammoree Amankwah

Repree is the most effective time saving real estate productivity tool I have ever used. My clients love being able to sign on their phones or computers at their convenience without having to print, scan and email.Most people don’t have all of this equipment but they all have either a smart phone or access to a computer. No further need to meet and sign in person! Now I use this time on dollar productive activities or just to relax with the family!


Repree was very useful for us.  Both my wife and I were easily able to follow the prompts in the email, review the document and with just a few clicks we had signed our paperwork.  Since we were located far away, this made things much faster and easier than sending paper documents back and forth via mail or courier.


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