Samples of Excellent Organizational Skills

Powerful writing is an essential ability for rookies to learn. The major objective of this lesson is for the students to start considering problems they may want to write about in their own article. Brainstorming on a special subject may be called concentrated free writing. Writing is scary for bunches of studentsand men and ladies […]

Repree Adopts New Microsoft Canadian Cloud

Toronto – July 26, 2016 – Repree, a Canada-based real estate transaction management and electronic signature company providing cutting-edge technology solutions to real estate industry professionals, announced today that all Ontario-based data will be stored within the new Microsoft Cloud region in Toronto, Ontario. As a long-time Microsoft collaborator, utilizing Microsoft Azure in Canada was […]

Why do my emails sometimes end up in the Junk Folder?

Occasionally, our Repree support team receives requests about emails and deliverability. “Why did my client never receive it?”, or “why did it end up in my client’s spam, promotion or junk folder?” are probably the two most common questions. So let’s dive into the email and see what is really going on while discussing a […]

Case Study: Ontario Real Estate Agent Increases Productivity and Transaction Count

Increased Productivity Means More Clients Helped in Buying and Selling Homes for this Ontario REALTOR® Jennifer Evelyn is an Ontario REALTOR® that is one of the first agents in her market to truly adopt the paperless business model. Evelyn, who has been a REALTOR® for 10 years has been paperless for approximately 1.5 years and […]

Uploading a Document from Email Into eSignature – Ratify

How to be Fully Mobile as a Paperless Agent One of the biggest problems agents have is being completely mobile and being totally paperless by running off a tablet or their phone. A lot of eSignature programs out there force you to download the document onto a hard drive and then upload into their platform […]

Getting Started with Electronic Signatures and Transaction Management

Electronic Signatures and Transaction Management-What You Need to Know Repree has been a sponsor of the OREA Emerge conference and I have also been speaking at those events going on a couple of months now. As a Realtor® in Ontario, you should consider going to these one day conferences, the potential for your business in […]

How to Use BombBomb in Your Real Estate Business

Four Ways to Use BombBomb Video Email in Your Real Estate Business I have been on a tour of Ontario lately with the Ontario Real Estate Association Emerge conference and trade show. As you can see below (that’s me on the left), we are clearly having a blast on this tour, meeting a ton of […]